A new opportunity for catering entrepreneurs: a plant-based selection on the menu. Because more and more people are choosing to eat a plant-based diet. In addition, the number of flexitarians is increasing every day. How do you better involve this target group in your business?

Vegetable distinctive

Of course, not everyone will implement a 100% plant-based menu, although even major fast food chains are taking a step into the plant-based world (think of McDonald's vegan chicken nuggets). Offering tasty plant-based dishes offers many opportunities.

The right replacements for your company

Of course, you don't have to change your entire concept to keep up with these new developments. Instead, you can choose to include a large amount of vegetable dishes on your menu, or to explore the new options in the field of fish and meat substitutes.

Delicious plant-based food in one place for everyone

Delicious and plant-based for everyone. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian. We believe in a healthy and good future with an eye for everyone on this planet by offering tasty and tasty plant-based dishes on our online food platform. All delicious plant-based products for your business in one place.

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