Gigi Gelato

Gigi Gelato

Traditional gelato is made with cream, eggs and milk. We went into the kitchen to create a healthier ice cream, with the ultimate taste experience of Italian gelato. Our unique flavor combinations taste as creamy as a traditional gelato, but without the cream. Therefore, the fat content is very low. And it saves a lot of calories. Enjoy it at any time of the day, without feeling guilty.

Gigi is the abbreviation of the Italian name Luigi. Luigi Graziosi, one of the founders of Gigi, is an Italian gelato maestro and professor at the ice cream school in Rome. (Yes, you read that correctly: there is an ice cream school in Rome!) Gigi has been working in the ice cream industry for more than 30 years and has made ice cream for the Dalai Lama and Obama's chef, among others. He is known for his unique flavor combinations, knowledge of ingredients and refined techniques. He has turned the ice cream world upside down with 100% vegan and natural ice creams.

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